Second Charge Bridging Loans

Rate from:


Term Length:

3 – 21 months


up to 70%

Loan amount:

£100k – £5m

Designed to be fast and flexible

A second charge bridging loan provides borrowers with additional funding against a property that already has finance secured against it by another lender.

When you first lend against a property this is known as a 1st charge. If you require additional funding, we could provide a 2nd charge bridging loan to raise the finance. A ‘second charge’ means that there are now two lenders with charges against the property.

  • Our second charge bridging loans are available to clients who live in the UK or overseas, except sanctioned states.
  • All properties must be located within England and Wales.
  • We also supply second charges for commercial assets and buy-to-let refurbishments or purchases.
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second charge bridging loan

Example of a second charge residential bridging loan:

A homeowner with an existing mortgage looking to raise funds to refurbish their home before putting the property on the market. They are currently still paying off their mortgage. A second charge bridging loan could be issued alongside the original form of finance. This would then provide the funds to renovate. To exit the loan, the buyer could use the sale of the property. They would first need to repay the first charge lender in full and then use the second charge lender once the sale completes.

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Second charge bridging loans:

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